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Our firm

Brion & Co is a firm of solicitors located in Central London.  We specialise in immigration law but we are also a general practice firm of solicitors offering a wide variety of legal services.

Our history

The firm was founded by Chris Brion in the 1980s when it was announced that Hong Kong would be returned to China. Chris was then at university studying for a law degree after having previously served as a Hong Kong marine police officer and then as a UK immigration officer.  The firm's initial purpose was to assist people in their immigration to the United Kingdom from Hong Kong. At the time, Chris intended to pursue a career as a commercial lawyer in the City of London, but his immigration firm was such an instant success that he decided to abandon his plans for a commercial law career.  In the thirty years since, the firm has developed a worldwide as well as a UK wide client base and for more than twenty years it has also provided the full facilities of a general practice solicitor firm.

Our work

While immigration remains our speciality, naturally our immigration clients face the same general legal issues as any other UK residents: for example buying and selling property, matrimonial problems, traffic offences etc.  We realised that it would be in their interest as well as ours if we could provide all of these services ourselves and so we expanded our firm to include a general practice.  Nowadays, we provide these services to many UK residents, including British Citizens who have never experienced UK immigration issues.

Our clients

Nowadays, as well as our British clients, we have clients from many different parts of the world, particularly China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Kenya.  From time to time we also see clients from Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our staff

We are committed to providing a high quality of service to our clients.  Chris has over 40 years experience of UK immigration law and practice and has practised as a solicitor for more than 20 years.  Jessica Wong, the solicitor manager of our Central London office, has 17 years experience.


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